Feiy's artwork she created on her iPad.

A Poem by Feiya Marie Rowland

The endless thoughts of fighting, shouting still remain in my head

Mind filled with despair

Bits and pieces of ash crumble apart to the floor unknowingly, without care

Hands clenched into one, waiting for a remedy

Hot air closing in this tight capacity

When will this be over, will we ever see the Light?

Or shall we fall deep, spiraling into darkness within.


School Assignment

This was based on a poem about the Holocaust that she had to write for school. The assignment was to create another poem only using the words from the original poem. Feiya handled it masterfully. Sure, it’s a little dark, but it wasn’t Feiya’s choice in doing so. She earned a B on it. She was docked 4 points for using 4 of her own words.

Poetry is meant to be a free roam with words. There’s nothing wrong with assigning a subject or theme. However, it’s almost insane to constrict a poem’s words. That’s public school for ya.

I told Feiya that poetry should be about expression. It should make you feel lifted when writing a poem. Even when you’re sad. Especially, when you are sad. Writing a poem will take that sadness and wipe it across the paper. Wiping away sadness.

This assignment only made her sad. She didn’t get much from it. I was even more impressed when she told me this. I told her that is not how poetry should work. And that she will always find teachers with whom she won’t agree with. It doesn’t matter, while in their class it’s their world, you’re just living in it.

The photo is a drawing of one her favorite characters in her game that she plays. We finally were able to get Photoshop on her iPad. I’m hoping she picks it up this Summer. We’ll see.

Feiy's artwork she created on her iPad.