Another Las Vegas Photographer

Rick Rowland- Las Vegas Photographer

Let me introduce myself

Hello and thanks for stopping by. My name is Rick Rowland and this is my photography blog. The work you see here has been a culmination of photos I have taken since 2010. I used 2010 as a starting point because that sounded about right. Anyway, I was growing weary of how social media sites were curating my work and took things into my own hands. So, what you are seeing now is the manifestation of that weariness. 

Real Estate Photography- Pays the bills

I’m a real estate photographer in Las Vegas by day. Real estate photography has consumed me over the past 6 years and I moved away from my photography roots, so to speak. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in real estate photography, but at the end of the day it’s still work. At the time of creating this blog, I’ve come to the level in my real estate photography that I feel somewhat content as far as, my shooting techniques and workflow go. I’ll still do some minor tweaks here and there as I’ve  always done. Maybe sometime in the not so distant future I’ll incorporate my real estate photography into this blog. For now, it’s time to stretch my legs and explore photography the way I did those many years ago when I picked up a camera not knowing the results when I pushed the shutter button. 

Street Photography

I am most interested in street photography at this time. As in introvert this is a big challenge for me. But I love seeing the works of many street photographers I admire online. Eric Kim is an inspiration to me because he shoots in a lot of Asian countries. I think street photography is prime in Asia vs. the US because Asian cultural and lifestyles are still very much street oriented. I’ve been to China on three occasions and every time I’ve been there my passion for street photography intensives. I also admire the work of  Craig Bagno from New York. His photography is subtle yet, narrative. I really like the way he captures New York and other cities he travels to. There are many other street photographers I follow and admire very much. 

Film Photography

After going through my archives and posting many of my old photos here I’ve also created a yearning to get back into film. I shot film almost exclusively for 2.5 years and remember very well the satisfaction film photography gave me. I remember driving all over the countryside  of South Dakota or Wyoming drinking cheap gas station coffee and having at least 2 cameras loaded with film. It was an exercise in solitude and oneness with the shutter. I did a lot of experimentation with various cameras and different types of film. Every roll of film was an adventure  and I never knew where I was going or what I was going to get.

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