Lose leaf tea brewing

Amazon Black Tea

Ceylon Orange Pekoe from Amazon.com

Tonight is the eve of the big dinner tomorrow. We’re going to cook our first Sunday meal in the new place tomorrow, if you haven’t been following. I’m excited to see Feiya, our daughter, cook in the new kitchen. Really looking forward to it. I’ll take pics and write about it.

Tonight was kind of a dry run for tomorrow. I wanted to see how well our new kitchen performed in front of the camera. It did outstanding. So, I thought why not do a write-up on some tea. I haven’t posted about tea in a long time. I’ll make this short and sweet and of course there’s photos below.

Over last couple of months I calculated how long my supply of tea from Sri Lanka via teakruthie knowing I was moving in 2 months. I finished the supply about 2 weeks ago, and instead of ordering a new batch from teakruthie I dug into my cabinet. I found what I had always knew was there, a pouch of loose leaf English Breakfast tea I bought off of Amazon.com. I remembered finding it a bit to bold and turned to the internet to finds a new strain.

More Than Just a Backup

Always knew that pouch was right there on the shelf just above the bread shelf. I’ll use it in case of an emergency. The first couple of times I brewed it I was pleasantly surprised. It was bold, but smoother than I remembered. In fact, the more I brewed it I noticed it was consistently smooth. I could achieve that with the Ceylon Orange I bought from teakruthie. I finally got it down to about 4th or 5th brew it would be bitter. About ten or so brews after I returned to the Amazon tea I realized how consistent it was. I even increased the time I steeped the tea from 4:30 mins to 5:00 mins. A little bolder, but never bitter.

I’m starting to think this tea is bullet proof. Except for tonight, of all nights. I must have steeped it a little too long. I must have not got the timer set fast of enough. Tonight’s brew is a little strong and just this side of being on the tangy side. So, this tea isn’t as destructible as I thought it was. Good to know!

On my 2nd cup I poured a little half and half in with it and that really knocked it down a notch, but you could still taste the tea. This is a very good tea with milk. However, I like the golden smooth taste of a well brewed Orange Pekoe so, I’ll still continue to fight the good fight. I like my odds with this tea and I think I’ll buy another pouch. You purchase it off of Amazon here: English Breakfast Tea. Oops, I see it’s not available anymore. Looks like I’ll have to search for a new black tea as well. Let the tea chaos begin!

It’s a good tea if you’re into the strong stuff. I’m also going to look into Oolong teas as well. I haven’t had an Oolong tea since I was in China in 2018. I had a lot of different teas there that time as there were a lot of gatherings and celebrations. Some of the teas were pretty good, some not so much. So, I think that will be my next tea adventure, finding a good Oolong. So, while keeping with the consistency of the English Breakfast on hand, I’ll search the world for my favorite Oolong. I’ll try to post all about it.

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Tonights music- Black Market Karma- Animal Jive. Good stuff!