Elephant Ear Guppy

And Then Came the Guppies

Dana loves the fish aquarium and wants to be involved with it. She always brings a new perspective and has an eye for things that I might overlook. So, we went fish shopping on Sunday together. We went to PetSmart and Petco. Maybe someday I’ll talk about buying fish here in Las Vegas. Just not today. I was hoping for some Zebra Danios or some Neon Tetras. Dana settled on some Elephant Ear Guppies.

Should’ve Done My Research

If I had done some more reading on guppies in the beginning, I would have started with guppies. They’re the coolest little fish! I did consider guppies before and was always open to them. I knew I wouldn’t like a fluttering fish. I don’t think would have liked how they swam in my aquarium. I like more fluid swimmers. I like shoals as well. Seeing 6-10 fishing darting around in unison is mesmerizing to me.

Guppies aren’t like that. They flutter around and don’t really stick together much. They certainly do little to nothing in unison with one and another. But, it only took a quick couple of hours of them being in my tank for me to come completely enthralled with them.

Elephant Ear Guppy

These little fish are incredible! Sure, they do flutter and scatter. They also play! They’ll go for a ride on the bubbles! They also seem to have distinct personalities, or quirks.

Don’t Label Me…

We bought six of them. The label on the tank we bought them out of said Female Elephant Ear Guppies.

“Those are only females in there, correct?” I asked not knowing what the hell I was doing.

“Yup.” Responded the lethargic Petco employee. It was Sunday afternoon and I had a sense that she had been nursing a hangover all day.

Elephant Ear Guppy
Elephant Ear Guppy
Elephant Ear Guppy

Research Research Research

It took all but 5 minutes of research to discover I had, in fact, 6 Male Elephant Ear Guppies. Super easy to sex them. But, the little bit of knowledge I came across while finding that out intrigued the shit out of me. These are some cool fish that I have here!

They breed super easy and they will cross breed with other guppies. I’m going to try to leave the males where they are for the time being. The Gold Barbs in that tank would take care of any fry. I need to figure out how to breed them. I have a couple of ideas, but need to research a bit before trying anything.

I have a Brown Algae issue right now. Once I get a handle on that, I’ll move forward with cultivating my aquarium with guppies. I have some time to do some reading.

Chinese Gold Barbs