1st day of school, Las Vegas.

August Update

Made it through August! Even though it was hot as hell here in Vegas, it wasn’t a bad month. I was steady at work for most of the month. Which is good, I like it when I’m not thinking about anything other than work. I like the focus. Home life is pretty well on auto-pilot during the week. We don’t go out much on the weekends, so we cook all weekend long. We fill up the fridge for the week!

It works out pretty well. Feiya started school last week. She hit a couple bumps during the first week. The 2nd day she fell asleep and missed 3 classes. She’s had perfect attendance since. Her workload isn’t too bad yet. It’s nice to see her have some structure. The first few days she complained a lot. Today and yesterday I haven’t heard any complaining or moaning.

We had her all set up at the dinning room table. It didn’t last long. The 2nd day we set her up in her room. She likes that much better.

I think she’s getting into the groove. She just spent the better part of the last 6 months cooped up inside. Her only solace has been two sleepovers she spent at her friend’s house this past month. The activity and having purpose is doing her well.

There were a couple of rough days last month. She would sleep all day. I would try to wake her up, but she would go straight back to sleep. I was really worried. We had to make some adjustments, like no laptop in her room at bedtime. She started sleeping again during the night. I knew if I let that go it would be a bumpy start to the school year. I am really relieved that she pulled through it.

1st day of school in America. She had only been here for just 3 months. Her English wasn’t very good and we were very nervous. She adapted and flourished. Always so proud of how far she’s come. How brave she was this day.

Other than that, things are good. Dana is still working regular hours. She’s happy and doing most of the cooking now. She likes to experiment. She comes up with some amazing stuff. I’ll do a blog post with her cooking in the not so distant future.

This coming weekend is Labor Day. We’re going camping in Utah. We bought a huge tent and we’re going to go for it. We’re pretty excited. Of course I’ll post about it when I get a chance.

Stay safe out there.