Back Country Adventure | Brian Head, Utah

Feiya had a 3 day weekend from school, so we took a little trip to Brian Head. We were hoping to catch some color in the leaves, but were too late. The area proved to be beautiful nonetheless. The spiny white aspens sauntered like ghosts against the spotless blue sky.

I’ve wanted to go on a back country OHV tour since we staid in Page, AZ last spring. The hotel we staid at had a off road tour company next door. I talked the guy about it and it sounded awesome. I was concerned to take Feiya, however. She can get car sick at times. It can be tough going on some the twisty turny roads we take on our adventures. We get through it by taking breaks and taking it slow. Anyway, a timed rental could be an issue if we get a few miles from the base and she get’s sick. So, I’ve been reluctant to try it. Until this past weekend.

She loved every minute of it! We put her up front and made sure she had plenty of layers on. It was a little brisk, 50-60’s. It was a wonderful time. Neither Dana nor Feiya had ever experienced anything in the back country like that. I had a plenty of those adventures while living in Colorado.

I did a lot of camping while living in Grand County during a couple of summers. I fell in love with Mother Nature during those years. There was nothing like laying on the ground and looking to the sky seeing the stars stretched horizon to horizon.

Later in the 00’s I had a small Ford Ranger 4×4 and just the right amount of camping gear. I spent many weekends high in the mountains secluded in Mother Nature. I loved spending weekends exploring National Forest access roads.

This past weekend brought back a lot of many fond memories of those Colorado days stomping around the mountains. Our outfitter gave us a nice map and some great well marked routes through the myriad of primitive access roads through a portion of the Dixie National Forest.