Feiya’s Art

Feiy's artwork she created on her iPad.

A Poem by Feiya Marie Rowland

The endless thoughts of fighting, shouting still remain in my head

Mind filled with despair

Bits and pieces of ash crumble apart to the floor unknowingly, without care

Hands clenched into one, waiting for a remedy

Hot air closing in this tight capacity

When will this be over, will we ever see the Light?

Or shall we fall deep, spiraling into darkness within.


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Feiya's artwork

Feiya’s Drawings

What a proud dad I am! Feiya is really blossoming in her drawings. She’s had a new iPad since Christmas and it’s really helping her excel with her renderings. She has a dream of designing video games. I say she could do anything she wants. She’s that good in everything she does. I’m very fortunate.

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Feiya's Ibis drawing created on her phone.

Feiya’s Phone Renderings

Feiya has become interested in anime these past months and it’s been influencing her drawings. I’ve seen her watching drawing lessons on YouTube and practicing in her sketch pad. I wish she had that passion for her homework. But I get it, anime and drawing are so much more fun than math. I’m finding that teaching is a tough nut to crack. Teachers earn their pay and I’m not sure if that’s a job for me.

So, here’s a proud dad moment for me. I’m very glad she’s found something that she can express herself with. This was done with the Ibix app on her iPhone. She wants a new iPad for Christmas so she could have a bigger screen. Of course, Ibix isn’t available on Android or PC. We’ll see how her grades go.

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Feiya’s iPhone Art | IbisPaint X Drawings

Feiya makes some incredible renderings on her iPhone using IbisPaint X. She makes them scratch drawing with her fingers. She shows me the many many layers that goes into making the drawing. She starts with a simple outline and then fills in the spaces with colors. Then she adds shading and details after that. Incredible results! I have been asking her to send me some. Finally today she sent some to me. I asked her for everything she had (she does several of these a week) and she told me she’s been deleting them because they take up too much room on her phone. I told her to stop that and send everyone to me. So, I’ll keep an going library of them here. We’ll get to see her progress and growth as an artist, hopefully. I’ve seen her do a lot of those doll pictures and they’s impressive all by themselves, but the last pic in this group floored me. The best I’ve seen her do. I told it was a great and really got on her about sending me her drawings. I didn’t want this one to by the wayside. Let’s see where it goes.