Chinese Gold Barbs

Attack of the Barbs!

A lot has happened in the aquarium since my last update. My Italian Vallisneria, val, is doing very well. They’re spreading and filling in nicely. The new plants are easy to clip off and replant where I choose. The other plants, however are just sitting there and doing nothing. I guess that’s good Zen.
The Amazon Sword was supposed to be tall and out of control if you didn’t watch it. It’s just kind of stagnated. It’s roughly the same size as it was when I planted it 3 months ago. I don’t have a Co2 setup. I thought that it didn’t matter for Amazon Swords. I’m not sure what to do with it, I’d kind of like to replace it with some regular, thicker Vallisneria.

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Fresh Water Aquarium High’s and Low’s

First some good news– week 8 and my aquarium is fully cycled! The brown algae problem has seemed to have corrected itself. I have a healthy bacteria colony doing it’s part in my aquarium and taking care of the ammonia and nitrites. This has cleared up the brown algae. I’ll admit that I wasn’t entirely convinced I’d get past the algae issue. I’m past it and what a relief!

Now for some bad news– I lost 2 guppies! One was killed in a fight. The other sadly disappeared after an unfortunate fish-out-of-water incident. I recovered him from the back of the aquarium stand and placed him back in the aquarium. All seemed fine. The following morning he was gone! No body. Nothing.

I Have My Theories

I did some upgrades to the aquarium over the past week. It’s a work in progress in figuring out how best circumvent the kit aquarium hood and breed the guppies. But, change is good, right?

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Elephant Ear Guppy

And Then Came the Guppies

Dana loves the fish aquarium and wants to be involved with it. She always brings a new perspective and has an eye for things that I might overlook. So, we went fish shopping on Sunday together. We went to PetSmart and Petco. Maybe someday I’ll talk about buying fish here in Las Vegas. Just not today. I was hoping for some Zebra Danios or some Neon Tetras. Dana settled on some Elephant Ear Guppies.

Should’ve Done My Research

If I had done some more reading on guppies in the beginning, I would have started with guppies. They’re the coolest little fish! I did consider guppies before and was always open to them. I knew I wouldn’t like a fluttering fish. I don’t think would have liked how they swam in my aquarium. I like more fluid swimmers. I like shoals as well. Seeing 6-10 fishing darting around in unison is mesmerizing to me.

Guppies aren’t like that. They flutter around and don’t really stick together much. They certainly do little to nothing in unison with one and another. But, it only took a quick couple of hours of them being in my tank for me to come completely enthralled with them.

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Chines Gold Barbs

Swimming with the Barbs

Week 6 of my new aquarium. Other than this 1st paragraph, the rest of this post was written in week 3. I wrote the post, but didn’t have any media. So, today I created the media. Note: The red fish, the Long Fin Cherry Barbs, are going to be removed today. They were not paired well from the store and they did not work out. Instead of correcting the paring I’m cutting my losses and taking them back. I’ll concentrate on plants in the coming weeks. Once the plants are established I’ll add some more fish or shrimp.

Feiya and myself visited a few tropical fish stores in Vegas before we started stocking the tank. I pointed out some of the fish I used to have back in the day when I had an aquarium. Back then I had African Cichlids. I did have one community tank and it wasn’t the most successful of my fish keeping endeavors. I took care of it well enough, but I didn’t match the fish well. I just threw in fish I thought looked cool. Not cool.

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