Native Americans

Photography depicting Native Americans, Native American Reservations, and Native American activities.

Highmore Rodeo, Highmore South Dakota

Out Yonder in South Dakota

Can’t say my time in South Dakota was all a good time. It was a very lonely time. However, I spent that time very productively. I wrote voraciously. I drowned myself in photography, both film and digital. And, I lost over 100lbs while metamorphosing myself.

I was sober, focused, and aware. Looking back it was a splendid time. Every weekend, during the good weather months, I would find some action packed event. Most of them cost a few dollars to get in and I could free roam with my camera in hand. I was like an alien visiting another planet. I didn’t care, this was some of the best photo ops I’d ever see in my lifetime. Rodeos and Pow Pows were especially special. That was living breathing culture. Earth to Ed, are you there?

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Wounded Knee, South Dakota

Wounded Knee | South Dakota

Wounded Knee was the sight of a massacre in 1890 that left 150 Native Americans dead at the hands of the US Calvary.

Fort Robinson Pow Wow in Nebraska

Fort Robinson Pow Wow | Nebraska

The Pow Wow at Fort Robinson in Nebraska was like experiencing living history. The Oglala Sioux Tribe put on a spectacular show with their dance and regalia.