Photography taken in rural areas.

Capitol Reef National Park and Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument We took a much needed break from the Vegas heat and the 2020 nonsense over the 4th of July weekend. We rented a SUV for a song and drove to Central Utah and stayed in a rented cabin for 3 days. It was like opening the decompression valves to full. All three of us were very happy for the short escape. We reserved the cabin and rental car last month. That’s when we decided that there was no better way to practice social distancing than Utah. I looked at it as a social distancing vacation from well, social distancing. Utah has been pretty laxed on pandemic requirements. When we were there you could tell who the tourists were and who the locals were by the mask or the absence of a mask. I’m not a fan of wearing a mask, but I had to ask myself– Why not? Right now there is no other known way to prevent the spread. Yes, wearing masks is arguably causes more harm than good. I believe that wearing a mask for short periods of time throughout the day as you weave in and out of public places will cause …

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Valley of Fire State Park II | Overton, Nevada

Here some landscapes I shot while at the Valley of Fire State Park on an early morning visit in early October 2019. These were all taken on the fly with a Sony A6000 and 16mm-70mm F4 Zeiss (awesome lens!).

Sand Valley, Nevada

Sandy Valley, Nevada Drone Photos

This has been a slow year when it has come to personal work. I’ve been putting my head down and using most of my energy in my real estate work. Has it paid off? I’m not so sure. Every time I think I take a step forward I feel I take 2 steps back. But, I’m further along than I was this time last year and much further than I was 5 years ago. I feel like I’ve started to stagnate or burned out. Maybe all I need is a break? I’ve also been re-branding my business site. I’d really like to go it alone by year’s end, but I don’t think the economy is going to let me. However, I think Vegas is going to do just fine during any coming downturn. There’s so many people moving here from California and bringing all that California money with them. I think a downturn would just bring more. I’m not an economist, but that’s my gut feeling. So anyway, today, Saturday, I took a drive out to Sandy Valley, Nevada to shoot some land for the commercial side of work. It’s about an hour drive from my home in Las Vegas, …

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