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Today was a beautiful day here in Vegas. Mid 70’s, clear sky, light breeze, and like I told my friendly neighbor at the mailboxes, no complaints! So, why not brew nice pot of tea this evening? Can’t really think of a reason not to. Tonight’s brew is Blissful Harmony from our buddies at teakruthie . This is an infusion of orange Ceylon and white tea. It’s lighter than the Organic Orange from my last post on tea. I over steeped and it went too dark. So, it’s a stronger as usual. You can see by the photos that it’s darker than the orange Ceylon. I really like this infusion. When done right it’s a nice evening tea. The reviews that I’ve read say it’s ok to add milk to this tea. I haven’t tried it with milk, as it’s very light to me. I’m an English Breakfast kind of guy. So, that being said, I really like this tea. It is very light, so I only drink it in the evening. Tonight’s batch, however, could definitely be drank at breakfast. It’s still a good tea. As you can see by the photos it’s very woody. This carry-overs into the texture …

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Organic Orange tea from teakruthi.

Organic Orange | teakruthie

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately. When I was in China I was able to sample a lot of home brewed teas from visiting Danas’ relatives homes. They drank only loose leaf tea, mostly oolong teas. They would hand me a cup with a lid on it filled with hot water and tea leaves. Some of the teas were good and some not so good, to my tastes. When we came home Dana’s father tried to load us up with a 5lb brick of black tea. We had to watch our weight so we instead brought home a 1lb brick. I drank that all last winter not knowing if I was making it right or wrong. I was basically making it like they did in China and throw some leaves in the bottom of the cup. The tea was “ok”. It had a subtle seaweed like taste to it. I got used to it and brewed and drank the whole brick. Over this past summer I was able to keep my apartment a little cooler and I continued to drink tea. I drank only Lipton, hot and iced. I started to think about that funny tasting black tea …

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