Enzo Ferrari Super car

Enzo Ferrari Supercar Trace

My newfound fandom of all things autosport has taken me back to the days of creating vector art. I used to traces when I was in graphic design school. I really enjoyed using Adobe Illustrator to recreate photos. I did one for a class project and was hooked. Moving on after finishing school, that was 12 years ago, I stopped doing them. Boredom struck over the holidays and I knocked this one out.

I originally picked this car because of the photo. I thought it looked challenging, but not too challenging. I knew very little about the car other than it was a bad ass looking Ferrari. As the project progressed I began to become curious about the car. The more I found the more I was enamored with it. This particular car was made in 2003 and Ferrari claimed to have made only 400 of them. According to this video some internet sleuths have found over 400 VIN numbers registered throughout the world. Ferrari only sold the car by invitation only. I’m sure Ferrari has more than 400 gazillionares in their Rolodex. Some were probably butthurt over not getting an invite so Ferrari made extra. My theory anyway. I live for the day I’m butthurt by being overlooked by Ferrari.

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