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Assetto Corsa Sim racing.

Assetto Corsa and Formula 1

Time to write about new favorite sport and hobby. The last time I had a hobby outside of photography was 14 to 15 years ago. I drove a Budweiser beer truck and I collected beer steins and Royal Doulton heads. I had a shit ton of beer steins. A lot of Budweiser ones of course. The most memorable ones were the Budman steins. Very cool! I couldn’t afford too many Royal Doultons, but I think I had at least two.

Other than trying to learn website skills and graphic design skills I haven’t done much outside of photography on my own. I’ve been a real estate photographer for nine years now. Before that I was a graphic designer for five years. That entire time I didn’t do much relaxing that didn’t involve a camera or a monitor. Last year was a very slow travel year for us. We usually do at least three to four weekend trips and several day trips. We did a few weekenders, but that was about it. I didn’t have any photos to edit and I started to get burned out on doing WordPress websites.

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Ok, a Political Post

I’ve followed politics most of my adult life. It started with the Newt Gingrich revolutionary sweep in the 90’s. I was enamored with their Contract With America spiel. As I remember it didn’t finish well. Through that period and a while after I was very Republican. I even attended a George W. Bush rally while I was living in El Paso, Texas. This was 1998 and Bush was campaigning for his second term for Governor of Texas. I already had him pegged for the Republican nominee for POTUS in 2000.

I think somewhere around 2004 became disinterested in politics. My pragmatic center leaning conservative hero became an oil guzzling war monger. That’s where I lost my passion for politics. You can never count on those people to ever live up to your expectations. That’s just a long way of saying I tend to stay in the center as far as my political thinking goes. At least that’s what I believe.

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Summerlin sunset.

More Summerlin Sunsets…

Feiya turned 13 years old this past week. We celebrated by letting her open some presents the morning of her b-day. That afternoon I took her to the optometrist and we paired her up to her first pair of glasses. I think every kid wears glasses these days. On the way home I bought her dinner at one her favorite restaurants, Cafe Zupas. They serve some damn good soup!

On Sunday we ordered out from one of our favorite sushi restaurants, Sushi Mon. I was skeptical, but the food was phenomenal. All they’re rolls are half off right now as well. It was a good few days.

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Enzo Ferrari Super car

Enzo Ferrari Supercar Trace

My newfound fandom of all things autosport has taken me back to the days of creating vector art. I used to traces when I was in graphic design school. I really enjoyed using Adobe Illustrator to recreate photos. I did one for a class project and was hooked. Moving on after finishing school, that was 12 years ago, I stopped doing them. Boredom struck over the holidays and I knocked this one out.

I originally picked this car because of the photo. I thought it looked challenging, but not too challenging. I knew very little about the car other than it was a bad ass looking Ferrari. As the project progressed I began to become curious about the car. The more I found the more I was enamored with it. This particular car was made in 2003 and Ferrari claimed to have made only 400 of them. According to this video some internet sleuths have found over 400 VIN numbers registered throughout the world. Ferrari only sold the car by invitation only. I’m sure Ferrari has more than 400 gazillionares in their Rolodex. Some were probably butthurt over not getting an invite so Ferrari made extra. My theory anyway. I live for the day I’m butthurt by being overlooked by Ferrari.

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Guy in the Mirror.

Guy in the Mirror…

I had 10 seconds from the time I pushed the shutter button to bumble up those stairs, dive left dive left! dive left! , barrel roll backwards, and get my fat head around the banister. 10 seconds! I got this! Not going to lie, it was very close. Probably 9 something seconds, but I did it.

I was thinking just the other day about that our little family unit has had a pretty long streak of good times and even now that the world is on fire, the good times still keep rolling. I remembered in the past I was little scared, because I knew that times can change quickly. A run of good luck is usually followed by a spate of bad luck, or so goes my experience. Then I realized, I haven’t felt that jolt of fear in a few months.

Are these the bad times? I keep thinking that it can get worse than this. I probably sound like a selfish prick, because I know for some, it can’t get worse. Some here in Vegas have lost everything. I know enough to know that I’ve been very fortunate and an unfortunate change could be lurking just around the corner. But it’s not scary anymore.

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