Photography from the year 2017.

Cell Phone Photography | Barstow, California

I rarely use my cell phone for photography. To me it’s like sleeping in your car. Sure, you can do it but it’s not right. That’s my opinion and I know many others have a different one. Anyway, sometimes I’ll whip out my phone if it’s convenient and snap a shot. These photos are an example of that. I took this in and around Barstow, California. This was during our move to Las Vegas. The phone was a Google Pixel II.

Barstow, California
Barstow, California
Barstow, California
Barstow, California
Las Vegas, Nevada

Landscapes from Las Vegas, Nevada

Living in Las Vegas, Nevada I have the opportunity to see what the Las Vegas Valley is all about. There are so many photos to take in this amazing area. These are just a few I have taken around the city and just a beyond. All of these photos were created with my Ricoh GR II camera.

The Getty, Los Angeles

The Getty | Los Angeles, California

The Getty in Los Angeles, California is a must see place if you’re ever in the LA area. I know I’ve said this before about other sights in LA, but this is the place you need to see. I mean, that is if you’ve never been, if you have, then you know what I mean. When I was there I had to cut my visit short because I had to catch a flight. So, I’m in no way an expert on this truly amazing museum. What I can tell you it’s best to use a rideshare to get there and it’s free! Check it out! Here’s more info on The Getty.