Cottage CCTV is a new web design project I've completed.

Cottage CCTV | My newest venture

Maybe this is a good reason I haven’t been blogging too much in the past month– Cottage CCTV. This has been an interest of mine for a couple of years now, flipping websites. In my case, cloning websites. I got the idea when I discovered the website, If you’ve never been there, it’s a website for buying and selling websites. I bought a couple of starter sites to see how the process works. You might recall one of my past blog posts about Stellar Logo Design. I bought this website from a guy from India on there. His plan was that I buy the website and market the services and send the work to him. I had my own guys . So, I redesigned it and did nothing with it.

I love working with clients and delivering what the want. I do this day and day out in real estate. Real estate agents like using me because they like what I produce. I create the same product for everyone.. They know exactly what they’re going to get. They like my work and how I work, so they keep coming back. Graphic Design is a little different. It’s much more slower paced and not as fluid.

So, I opted to try to go a little more locally. Kind of like I was doing working with those newspapers all those years ago. We would work with small local businesses designing ads for them. In a couple of places I also did other stuff such as logos and brochures. Anyway, I kind of know how those gigs work so, I created RCR graphic design. Still haven’t found much through it, but I’ve done 0 marketing for it.

Anyway, this brings me to Cottage CCTV. After I figured out which graphic design site I wasn’t going to use, I started on Cottage CCTV. My idea here is to do like the guy in India, sell the site and rent out my services such as, hosting, SEO, marketing, etc… I could farm it all of this out, of course. There’s just so much to SEO. I’ve only scratched the surface. A good SEO makes top dollar.

My idea is to get these little eCommerce sites up and running. Buy some traffic and try to make some sales. Once I can show they function as advertised, I’ll sell them on Flippa. I probably won’t get a lot per sale. My best guess I’d get $2k or less. Not to good for almost 40 hours of work and a $1000 investment. I can, however, duplicate them and earn a nice little revenue that way. Not bad, if people want to buy a security camera store that drop ships from Aliexpress. I’ve seen a lot worse than my website catch a buck or two. We’ll see.

After the sale I could then offer more services. I’d most likely farm these out at Upwork or Fiverr. I can show prior to the sale my performance test results to all who look at the listing. Many websites on there score low on most performance tests. I test really well. That’s a carrot in my hat, because I can tell them I keep those high scores for them. Fingers crossed.

So, there you have it. My latest and greatest scheme. Along the way I invested into a lifetime license to the pro version of the WordPress theme I use for this blog and all of my websites. Astra. I love it! You might notice some subtle changes. I changed the way my posts are displayed. For a long time it really bothered me on how the blog presented itself. I like this new format so much better.

Ok, that;s enough for now. We’re off to Utah later this week. We’re really looking forward to it. We’ll be visiting Capitol Reef National Park. We’ll be more or less camping. I’m so excited to get away from all this craziness for a few days. I’ll try to post those photos and words 2 weeks from now. Until we meet again, stay safe!