Dana’s USA Citizenship Ceremony | Las Vegas

This past Friday Dana received her citizenship certificate. It was a very exciting moment for the 3 of us. We’re very proud of Dana and how far she has come since arriving in the US 5 1/2 years ago. She aced her interview because she was so well prepared. I was amazed by the accuracy that she knew the questions with. Great job sweetheart! I love you!

This will mean we can now proceed with Feiya’s application. It should be a fairly easy process. We hit some bumps in the road with her Green Card, but this will be different. I am hoping we can get this done by the time Feiya starts 7th grade. That would be about the time her braces would be coming off. She could start school with a new smile and new name. Feiya Rowland.

Another advantage for Dana’s and Feiya’s citizenship is being able to get the coveted US Passport. Travel abroad will be mush easier with a US Passport versus a Chinese Passport. It would be hard to travel to countries like Japan with a Chinese Passport. There are many more countries that doesn’t require a Visa as well when traveling with a US Passport. There are far fewer countries that allow Chinese citizens travel without a Visa. Obtaining these Visas can be challenging. However, soon we won’t have to worry about that. No that we’re looking to travel overseas anytime soon. Just nice to know later down the road.

We had a great weekend celebrating Dana’s citizenship. Friday evening after the ceremony we went to the renowned Chinese restaurant inside the Gold Coast Casino, Ping Pan Pong. The food was great! Today, we celebrated a again with a late lunch at Sapporo Revolving Sushi. Again, an outstanding meal! We are truly riding high in Las Vegas!

I used my Ricoh GR II to take these photos. This is the camera I used in China last year. Small, powerful, and takes beautiful photos. Really love this camera.