Summerlin sunset

February 2021 Update

Wow! What a year! Think back to February 2020. If we only knew then what we know now! What would we do different? It probably wouldn’t be much. If the world is going to burn, it’s going to burn. I’ve tried to stay pretty optimistic through the year. It’d be a lie if I told you that I wasn’t a little nervous from time to time. Well, maybe a little more than a little nervous. 😐

The Good and The Bad

I can honestly say it wasn’t a too bad of year for myself or Dana. It was Feiya that had to make the biggest adjustment. She’s been literally stuck in this house for almost a year. The thing that worries me most is that she likes it. It doesn’t look like she’s going back to school this year.

She knows she’ll most likely have to go back this Fall. I think that’s the way she wants it. To go back when it’s a fresh start. I’m pretty certain she’s looking forward to getting this school year behind her. She doesn’t like going to school online. I don’t blame her. It’s grueling.

The Ugly

It’s a good and bad thing, the way I see it. It’s bad because some of the teachers assign a bit much work and have a tad too many expectations. These kids are literally required to sit glued to their desk 6 hours a day and do 1-2 hours of homework after school. They need to understand that these kids are not up and moving about. Today I was here working and overheard one her teachers trying wake up one of the boys during their class. That doesn’t happen in regular setting. Feiya is exhausted of being penned up. The school needs to lay off bit until they get them back into class.

Feiya is still in good humor. I really don’t want to see her slip into a blackhole. She started piano lessons a few weeks back. Her teacher lives just around the corner. He and his wife teach music out of their home. They’re both musicians at the Bellagio. She is still working part-time and he’s been laid off. I really like that I’m helping some local people out that have been affected by the pandemic.


Feiya loves music and learns at her own pace. We tried guitar lessons while we were living in California. At first we had Groovy Judy from the music shop in downtown San Mateo. I wanted Feiya to associate fun with playing a musical instrument. Dana talked me into taking her to a Chinese Flamenco guitar teacher. He was able to teach both of them at once. I think it was a little overwhelming for both of them. We still have to very unused guitars in a closet. 🙂

While living at our old place here in Vegas Dana bought an electric piano. It has a full keyboard and it’s compact. It sounds beautiful. Dana, plays by ear. She doesn’t know how to read music. She says she can hear the music and try to repeat it on the piano. It’s a work in progress, but after about 2 years of living with a piano she plays beautifully. She gets better each day.

This has inspired Feiya to learn to play. Dana can’t teach her, because she has no method. She just plays. However, Dana can get her to practice 3-4 times a week. It’s really nice to sit here in the living room listening to them play away. Feiya is also playing the Viola and usually only plays it during class. Piano is her favorite.

Well, I need to get going. I’m currently listening to Heartless Bastards. They were played often during my days on the high plains of South and North Dakota. I really want to write about those days. The rodeos, demolition derbys and Pow Wows. I have some stories to tell.