Feiya's artwork

Feiya’s Drawings

What a proud dad I am! Feiya is really blossoming in her drawings. She’s had a new iPad since Christmas and it’s really helping her excel with her renderings. She has a dream of designing video games. I say she could do anything she wants. She’s that good in everything she does. I’m very fortunate.

She drew this one for one of her friends.

Bum Laptop

I haven’t written anything here in awhile because my laptop was being commandeered by Feiya. Her’s was in the shop, again. It came back with another band-aid fix, but this repair was less than $100. So, I think we dodged a bullet and the laptop will last a while longer.

This is the first afternoon having my laptop in about 3 weeks. I have a few blog ideas and am anxious to get them posted. It’s hard to want to write and not have your favorite pen, in my case– my laptop.

Fish Aquarium

I revisited an old hobby of mine and started a fish aquarium. It’s going swimmingly. :> It’s especially enjoyable because Dana and Feiya enjoy it too. I was a little leary to get back into it, but I couldn’t really find enough reasons not to. I’m a week into it and I have a healthy school of Gold Barbs. I’ve never heard of these fish until I saw them in an aquarium store here in Las Vegas. We all really love them. My first intentions were to use them as starter fish and switch them out once the water was cycled. They are going to stay.

I’ll write a lot more about the aquarium in the coming days/weeks.

Mid-March Update

There isn’t a lot of changes for any of us here. My work is starting to pick up, as it should, but it was an unusually slow Winter. I’m glad I’m getting busier. Dana is still working her job.

Feiya’s school is starting face-to-face classes in April. She really needs to get back into school, but not now. She really struggled with working online in the first semester. I kept telling her she had to figure out how to work school. Not only did she have to learn the material, she also had to learn how to do the work. I feel they dropped too much onto the kids, but life isn’t fair. We kept at it with goals and rewards and she has really been doing well this semester. Going back now would be a disruption to her work flow. She’ll have to wait until next year to get back into the classroom.

So, that’s about all I have for now.