Feiya's Ibis drawing created on her phone.

Feiya’s Phone Renderings

Feiya has become interested in anime these past months and it’s been influencing her drawings. I’ve seen her watching drawing lessons on YouTube and practicing in her sketch pad. I wish she had that passion for her homework. But I get it, anime and drawing are so much more fun than math. I’m finding that teaching is a tough nut to crack. Teachers earn their pay and I’m not sure if that’s a job for me. st

A one minute video time-lapse of a drawing Feiya created on her phone.

So, here’s a proud dad moment for me. I’m very glad she’s found something that she can express herself with. This was done with the Ibix app on her iPhone. She wants a new iPad for Christmas so she could have a bigger screen. Of course, Ibix isn’t available on Android or PC. We’ll see how her grades go.

Feiya's Ibis drawing created on her phone.
Feiya's Ibis drawing created on her phone.

Everything else has been going pretty well. I’m really busy with work. That is good that real estate is still humming along. Dana voted for the first time ever this past week. Not sure if our vote has been counted yet or not. Nevada has some interesting politics. Not place to say anything, I just moved here. She was very happy to vote nevertheless.

Dana told me that when she was a student in China the teachers would give the children the ballots and then tell them who to vote for! That’s how elections are done in China. Everybody still goes about their business and many love their government. They have little to know knowledge of the outside world. Many were living in shacks a few years ago and now are living in shiny new high-rise condos. They relish having flush toilets and built in kitchens.

Hard times for me was jump starting my beat up car in sub-zero weathers a few mornings per Winter in the Midwest. I’m not sure what the repercussions of this year are going to be, but I’m optimistic we’re going to be ok. The doom gloom never seems to be as dark as they say.

Next weekend we’re going to Los Angeles. Dana has a conference for her ministry studies. Feiya and myself will be rummaging through any and all thrift stores that we can find. I’ll definitely take some photos and write about it here on my blog. Just like I did when we went to Glendale. LA sounds like an interesting place to be right now. Should be an adventure for sure!

As for myself, I’ve become a Formula 1 fan. I subscribed to F1 TV and can see all the races. Their archives date back to 1980 and they have full seasons of the modern years. I watch a new race every night! It’s a very complex sport, albeit a little boring. After watching it awhile it’s pretty easy to know who the top 2 or 3 will be. The fun is watching the midfield racers jostling for points. They race in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Last night I watched the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan. What a beautiful place! Every race is somewhere awesome in the world.

I’ve even invested into a sim racing set-up. I have absolutely no leisure activities in my life. In California I’d at least take off and go to the ocean and take photos. Here in Vegas and with the pandemic and all I’ve become pretty docile. Most of free time is spent trying to develop a website or learn SEO or something along those lines. Very dull stuff! Fortunately, I discovered F1 and having something to occupy my mind. The sport is very dynamic and I learn something new all the time. The cars are incredible. The drivers and teams are an interwoven soap opera. I’m looking forward to all the pieces of my racing set-up to arrive early next week. I’ll be sure to blog about it.

Well, that’s us for now. The holidays are just around the corner. Things should quiet down at work. The election is behind us. And look at that! We lived! I’m looking forward to a peaceful couple of months. Hope you are well and doing well wherever you may be.