Glendale Thrift Stores | Glendale, CA

This is exactly where I was hoping this blog would go. I wanted to start catching our more candid moments. Feiya is constantly doing something crazy everywhere we go. It’s a riot. We try to get her to act “natural” but, it never lasts. One minute she’s doing something insanely goofy and the next she’s pouting because we didn’t get boba tea yet. Total drama queen. It won’t be long before she discovers the drama clubs.

Last weekend it was just Feiya and myself for an afternoon of antics and thrift store shopping. Dana had a ticket to attend a religious conference in Glendale, California. We left Vegas early in the morning on Saturday and made it to Glendale in time to have a nice lunch before the conference started. The three of us picked a Thai Food restaurant in the downtown area the night before. We weren’t disappointed.

After lunch we dropped Dana off at the community center where the conference was at. That left Feiya and myself a few hours for some adventures. One of our favorite pass times is going to thrift stores. Everywhere we’ve traveled over the past year we have reserved time to visit the local thrift stores. Feiya loves hoodies and sweatshirts that are from the local colleges, schools, and landmarks. We also shop for shoes. She has nice collection of Vans and Converse. All under $15 each. ;). She loves it, because she knows I hardly ever say know when it’s at a second hand price. She’s getting a good eye for finding the good stuff. We have a lot of fun.

After thrift store shopping Feiya and myself found a chain Udon noodle shop at the mall across the street from our hotel. The portions were generous. The food was good and we had enough to take back to the hotel and make use of the fridge and microwave in our room. I had coffee and noodles for breakfast!

Our plan was to get up and head back to Las Vegas Sunday morning. It rained all day Saturday and they were calling for more on Sunday. We didn’t see any point on sticking around Sunday morning. So, we hit the road bright and early. I was looking forward to hitting the couch to watch some football and editing the Saturday pics that afternoon. Somewhere near Pomona the water pump in my van decided to call it quits. The only shop open was the Pep Boys on Foothill BLVD. They saved the day!

It was a 6 hour layover while the repairs were being done on the van. There was a Mexican restaurant next door and lo and behold, two thrift stores just a short walk away. The stores were rubbish and we didn’t find anything, but we had a fun morning/afternoon. And I was able to get some extra shots. Not bad for a rainy day in Southern California!

Just a little photography geek talk: I used my Ricoh GR II on this trip. I had my Sony A6000 with me, batteries charged and ready to go, but I didn’t even turn it on. Anyway, I changed the focus setting in the Ricoh sometime on Saturday. This is the camera I used in China last year. When I was over there I was having focusing issues. I figured out what was wrong and set the camera to fix it. The focus is slow in that camera, but works pretty damn good. Well, for some reason I decide to change it back. What f*ck was I thinking? So, that’s the reason why some of these pics are focused weird. I really don’t mind how they turned out. They look ok. Maybe even a little creative.

Listening to- Baby Blue by the Scanners.