Guy in the Mirror.

Guy in the Mirror…

I had 10 seconds from the time I pushed the shutter button to bumble up those stairs, dive left dive left! dive left! , barrel roll backwards, and get my fat head around the banister. 10 seconds! I got this! Not going to lie, it was very close. Probably 9 something seconds, but I did it.

The World is Burning

I was thinking just the other day about that our little family unit has had a pretty long streak of good times and even now that the world is on fire, the good times still keep rolling. I remembered in the past I was little scared, because I knew that times can change quickly. A run of good luck is usually followed by a spate of bad luck, or so goes my experience. Then I realized, I haven’t felt that jolt of fear in a few months.

Are these the bad times? I keep thinking that it can get worse than this. I probably sound like a selfish prick, because I know for some, it can’t get worse. Some here in Vegas have lost everything. I know enough to know that I’ve been very fortunate and an unfortunate change could be lurking just around the corner. But it’s not scary anymore.

We’re living the nightmare. The world is burning all around us. But you know what? It’s ok. What I’ve overcome in the past decade or so, I’m up for anything. Sure, I would love for a peaceful, tranquil and stable world, but when have we ever had that? Never. As far as I can remember throughout my adult life turmoil is always happening. Whether in current events or in my life.

We have no control. I cannot control what happens on the other side of the screen no more than I can control when the neighbors downstairs decide to have a shouting match. Do I vote one way or the other? Do I pound on the floor? It doesn’t matter. I vote for one side and I piss off another side and the government is still inept. I pound on the floor and the neighbor pounds back. Whenever we push back on the things we cannot control we are met with an opposite equal resistance in some way shape or form.

The only thing that should matter is what we can control. And that isn’t much.

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