Sunset in Summerlin

May 2020 Update | Summerlin

It’s May 7th and they just announced today that Vegas will start reopening this weekend. It’s a slow reopen, as expected, but its a step getting past this pandemic. Good news to start a new month. Last month was a tough one. I’m sure everyone shares my sentiments.

We finally moved. We’ve been in our new place for a week now. We love it! We’re planning our first Sunday meal this coming weekend. We’re going to cook Mexican food- enchiladas, chile rellenos, and roasted corn. We pretty well much have everything on hand, just hope we’ll be able to get some chicken. Rumor has it there’s a meat shortage. We’ll see when we go shopping.

I’m hoping to take some photos and I’ll try to write about it. I know it sounds like any of our other Sunday meals, but it’s not. Although, the kitchen still needs to be better equipped, this will be the first real kitchen Feiya will cook in. Since arriving in 2013, Feiya has shown a passion for food. I hope this is where she learns to cook and takes that skill through her entire life. So, stay tuned…

It took us longer than we thought to get the new place ready, but we did it. We’re very happy here. We repainted the cabinets in the kitchen and the bath. We did that ourselves. We had vinyl flooring installed in the kitchen and bath. We had carpeting installed in the rest of the house and we had it painted throughout. We also updated the appliances in the kitchen. Can’t wait to see what Feiya does in there.

The best thing about our new place is the view. We’re on the very back side of the condo complex. There’s a Mormon church just off the South East corner of our unit. In front of us we have a drainage ditch and the very nicely landscaped parking lot of the church. From my couch I see mostly sky through the patio doors. There’s no buildings or trees just the sky. It’s been since before I moved to California that I had any kind of a view outside my home. This is a real treat for me. Last night I stepped out onto the balcony and smoked some wowy gazowy weed from the dispensary and took a deep breath. It was a nice moment.

Work slowed down a bit this week. So, to fill in the spaces on my schedule I worked a little bit with a new app our creative director wants us to start using. It’s called Lumineer and it’s one of photo editing apps that you can use with filters and create “looks” for your photos. Pretty elementary stuff for photo editing. However, it does have a pretty damn impressive sky swap feature on it. I’ve been building a library of skies (from my moments on the balcony) to use with it this past week. We’ve had some amazing skies here in Summerlin. I posted some below.

I hope everyone is weathering this time well. There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. At least we won’t know until we start moving forward. But sooner we start moving forward, the sooner we will know.