Summerlin sunset.

More Summerlin Sunsets…

You’re like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie.”– Walter Sobchak- The Big Lebowsky. That’s how I feel most of the time right now. I can’t even form sensical opinions anymore. There’s a lot of doubt in every scenario I can perceive trying to make sense of all the craziness going in the world right now. I do in many ways feel na├»ve and innocent at times without knowing where I stand in this world, today’s world.

We’re in uncharted waters and it’s ok to feel a little uneasy. Things are going pretty well for me and that’s what worries me the most. Is our turn coming? I’d like to think if it is then get on with it. In the meantime however, I’m doing my best to stay in front of whatever may be coming next. Today I did pretty well, let’s see what tomorrow brings.

A Teenager is Born

Feiya turned 13 years old this past week. We celebrated by letting her open some presents the morning of her b-day. That afternoon I took her to the optometrist and we paired her up to her first pair of glasses. I think every kid wears glasses these days. On the way home I bought her dinner at one her favorite restaurants, Cafe Zupas. They serve some damn good soup!

On Sunday we ordered out from one of our favorite sushi restaurants, Sushi Mon. I was skeptical, but the food was phenomenal. All they’re rolls are half off right now as well. It was a good few days.

I also signed Feiya up for some piano lessons. Her teacher lives about 4 blocks from our house. We have to drive because we have to go out of our gate and cross the street through their gate. That’s Vegas! Her teacher is part of a husband and wife team. Their professional musicians that play at a lounge in the Bellagio. That’s not an easy gig to get. He’s out of work right now and she’s only working part-time. I like that I’m supporting a couple of locals who have been affected by the pandemic. They’re both really great and Feiya really needs a break to the monotony that her life has become. It was her new piano teacher that strongly suggested we get her glasses. Done!

I’m really proud of Feiya. She keeps falling behind in school. I empathize with her. She has a lot on her shoulders this year. Dana works full time and I’m in and out all day with my work. She has to to do everything herself. Where, when she was in school she was in a more structured environment. Not that home isn’t structured, it’s just not institutionalized like a school. School is where you learn to become a citizen.

I try to not to push her to hard, as I’ve said before. We just started a new semester and I think we’ve learned how to better handle the workload. The school is doing a better job this semester as well. I think some of her teachers have figured out how to keep them better engaged as well. We’re not aiming high, we’re just trying to get to the other side of this unscathed as possible. I want to show her that if she can through this she can get through anything.

Feiya will be getting her braces off soon. We’re hoping March or April. We’re trying to be patient. She has a great orthodontist. Her team is pretty good. She’s really tired of them. I don’t blame her. I bought her the braces because my parents didn’t buy them for me. I hope her new smile makes up for me putting her through 2 years of wearing braces to quell a Freudian beef with my parents. This we’ll have to see.

Yes, I know that I posted a picture of Dana on a blog post mainly about Feiya. It’s my blog and I can do what I want.

Listening to the Psychic Ills. Good stuff.

I made a panorama of our view from our balcony. This is why we put up with all the lunacy going on in our condo complex.
Dana always likes getting her picture taken. I’m ok by that.