Ok, a Political Post

I’ve followed politics most of my adult life. It started with the Newt Gingrich revolutionary sweep in the 90’s. I was enamored with their Contract With America spiel. As I remember it didn’t finish well. Through that period and a while after I was very Republican. I even attended a George W. Bush rally while I was living in El Paso, Texas. This was 1998 and Bush was campaigning for his second term for Governor of Texas. I already had him pegged for the Republican nominee for POTUS in 2000.

I think somewhere around 2004 became disinterested in politics. My pragmatic center leaning conservative hero became an oil guzzling war monger. That’s where I lost my passion for politics. You can never count on those people to ever live up to your expectations. That’s just a long way of saying I tend to stay in the center as far as my political thinking goes. At least that’s what I believe.

I do lean to the right on some issues and I lean to left on others. I tend to favor conservative politicians over liberal ones. I don’t consider myself a libertarian although it might sound as if I am. I do believe that Donald Trump burned to the ground any chance of any conservative agenda to advance in the next 6 years. Do we hope for a another lame duck session starting in 2025? God, I hope not.

Where is it all going?

The Democrats have the White House shored up for the next 6-8 years easily. They have a favorable press and memories of Trump will still be stirring in the minds of the electorate. Centeralists, or moderates, as the media likes label us, will be leery of voting for anything the RNC produces in 2024. Either Biden or Harris will easily win, barring any catastrophe between now and then. Biden scares the hell out of me and I’m not entirely convinced if he’ll finish his first term. The man is 78 years old.

The Democrats have the keys to the castle right now. Last time they had this control we were adorned with Obamacare. That fresh picked weed wilted quickly. Unfortunately, the Republicans spent the last 6 years trying to peck at it like a pack of starving hyenas tracking a wounded elk. They could have abolished it and replaced it with a lower government option to compete with private insurance companies on the open market. It’s easier to keep the other guy’s failure and point fingers claiming it’s his fault then to take a chance at your own failure. What a bunch of snowflakes.

Biden and his soldiers will probably introduce a Medicare for All bill this time next year. Just in time to lead off the mid-terms. “Vote for us if you value your life.” The Republicans will most likely spend the next two years squabbling over who is more Trump then who.

The Republicans squabbling and lack of organization will open the door wide for the Democratic agenda. I feel that Medicare For All will be their centerpiece. I can’t lie, I’m interested. Not hopeful, but interested. My memories of the Republican Revolution charge led by Newt and his cohorts still stir within my political memories. Maybe it’s the Democrats turn to fall on their face. I really hope not. I do wish a success that won’t sink us. I believe it can be done, but we’re putting a lot of trust in people that have many hands in their pockets. I’m a skeptic at the very least.

Staying Focused

No matter what the outcome is in the coming couple of years I’m going to stay in my bubble. It’s pointless to root for one side or bash another side. It’s counterproductive and a never ending endeavour. Yes, I’ll pay attention as I always have, but I’ll stay focused on what’s in front of me here at home. I’ll form opinions and become frustrated when I see the shenanigans within our government. However, I’ll keep my energy reigned in and concentrated where it matters most, my family.

In the meantime, maybe I’ll vent my political frustrations from time to time here. We’ll just have to see.