Brian Head Resort | Brian Head, Utah

A quick weekend to Cedar City, Utah provided tons of photographic opportunities. A much needed break from the Vegas heat and just to take some time and breath a little. I had visited Cedar City early last year to shoot a hotel. It was a just a day trip. I really liked the to town and had always wanted to return. We took that opportunity when a free weekend came up and went for it. It was an awesome weekend.

We reserved one day for a drive to Brian Head Resort. It was a perfect day. We rode the ski lift to the top of the mountain and was able to hike around a bit. The views were incredible with the summering ski area in the foreground and the brilliant red mountains in the background. There was even a Frisbee golf course on top!

Iron County Fair PRCA Rodeo 2019 in Parowan, Utah.

Iron County Fair 2019 | Parowan, Utah

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go see the PRCA Rodeo at the Iron County Fair. As you can see from the pages of this blog that I’m a big fan of rodeos. I start photographing them in late 2010 while living in Huron, South Dakota. Throughout my moving around in the Dakotas from Dickinson, North Dakota and onto Rapid City, South Dakota, I always made sure to attend the local rodeos during the summer months. Those days are some of the best days I can remember looking through my view finder.

So, I was very glad to see that a PRCA rodeo was going to be happening just up the rode from Cedar City while we were going to be staying there. I couldn’t get up to the fence like I used to and get those killer close up shots. I took some with my zoom lens from the stadium seats. It was the experience of being at a rodeo that made all the difference.

I also took some shots around the fair grounds. I wish I could have spent so,e more time meandering through the carnival rides, games, and food trucks taking many more photos. But, I got a few keepers and it made the trip worthwhile.

Sand Valley, Nevada

Sandy Valley, Nevada Drone Photos

This has been a slow year when it has come to personal work. I’ve been putting my head down and using most of my energy in my real estate work. Has it paid off? I’m not so sure. Every time I think I take a step forward I feel I take 2 steps back. But, I’m further along than I was this time last year and much further than I was 5 years ago. I feel like I’ve started to stagnate or burned out. Maybe all I need is a break?

I’ve also been re-branding my business site. I’d really like to go it alone by year’s end, but I don’t think the economy is going to let me. However, I think Vegas is going to do just fine during any coming downturn. There’s so many people moving here from California and bringing all that California money with them. I think a downturn would just bring more. I’m not an economist, but that’s my gut feeling.

So anyway, today, Saturday, I took a drive out to Sandy Valley, Nevada to shoot some land for the commercial side of work. It’s about an hour drive from my home in Las Vegas, just southwest on the Nevada/California state line. I took some personal shots and edited them my way. Usually I edited personal drone shots taken on a work shoot the way would edit any other real estate photo. Not so today! Am I reinvigorated and ready to take on the world of Las Vegas real estate Monday morning? Not even close. But we’ll find a way to squeak by.