Sunday cooking in Summerlin.

Mid June 2020 Update

Here we are, mid-June and the pandemic seems to be winding down. I walked into a grocery store without a mask or gloves for the first time since March. Not that I felt comfortable doing so, it’s just that I plain forgot. It wasn’t until I just hit the back of the store that I realized I was maskless. Which is to say after 2 straight months of doing so, I’m still in the habit of just getting ut of my car and walking into a store. I didn’t think to fumble around and find the Ziploc bag that has my masks in it and put one on. That’s a relief! Work has been slow the past couple of weeks. Which is a good thing for the market. The low inventory is keeping prices holding fast. Prices start to fall and it’s run for the hills time. Next week is looking like a busy week. With the success of the Vegas re-opening, I imagine that things will really start picking up for me. That’s the case next week. I already have double the houses booked this week than last. We’ll see where it goes. Today we cooked a French meal. …

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Cooking Mexican food for our Sunday meal.

Mexican Food- Sunday Meal

First Sunday meal in the new place Well, that went ok. The kitchen performed flawlessly. The new gas range is a pure joy to cook with. I think it’s been since I lived in Rapid City, South Dakota since I had a kitchen with a gas stove. Cooking on that stove was a thrill in its self. Now that the thrift stores are open again, I’ll see if I can find some decent pots and pans. I was able to use my brand new Japanese chef knife that I paid $11.99 for on Amazon. It did pretty good. I have a genuine Ginsu knife arriving tomorrow. I’ll be able to slice through an aluminum can AND a tomato. I won’t take that kind of power lightly. Enchiladas The main dish today was enchiladas. We followed a recipe from We didn’t follow it to a tee, but we didn’t stray to far from it either. The seasoning on the chicken breasts was Feiya’s idea. We mixed paprika, salt, chili powder, and cumin together. It was pretty tasty, but in the end you really couldn’t taste it in the finished dish. The salsa verde was the highlight of the day! Very …

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Lose leaf tea brewing

Amazon Black Tea

Ceylon Orange Pekoe from Tonight is the eve of the big dinner tomorrow. We’re going to cook our first Sunday meal in the new place tomorrow, if you haven’t been following. I’m excited to see Feiya, our daughter, cook in the new kitchen. Really looking forward to it. I’ll take pics and write about it. Tonight was kind of a dry run for tomorrow. I wanted to see how well our new kitchen performed in front of the camera. It did outstanding. So, I thought why not do a write-up on some tea. I haven’t posted about tea in a long time. I’ll make this short and sweet and of course there’s photos below. Over last couple of months I calculated how long my supply of tea from Sri Lanka via teakruthie knowing I was moving in 2 months. I finished the supply about 2 weeks ago, and instead of ordering a new batch from teakruthie I dug into my cabinet. I found what I had always knew was there, a pouch of loose leaf English Breakfast tea I bought off of I remembered finding it a bit to bold and turned to the internet to finds a …

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