Snowy Mountain Pics | Lovell Canyon, NV

Feiya was invited over to her friend’s house over the weekend for an overnight stay. That left Dana and myself to ourselves for 24 hours. We dropped Feiya off and headed to the best Asian buffet in Vegas- Krazy Buffet. Delicious as always! It snowed in the higher elevations around Las Vegas the before and we wanted to get some photos of the snow capped mountains.

After lunch we made our way out of town. We drove along Highway 159 leaving Las Vegas and went by Red Rock Conversation Area. It’s a beautiful place and Dana loves it. However, I wanted to show her a secret spot I found earlier this year. As we drove by Red Rock traffic was backed up and they had actually closed the entrance because it was so full. Everyone wanted photos of the snow and Red Rock was no disappointment. We could see from the highway how beautiful it was, but I knew my spot was going to be good as well.

We took a left turn at Highway 160 and headed up the pass (sorry, I can’t remember what the name of the pass is) toward Pahrump, NV. The snow was getting deeper on the sides of the road and I started to get nervous. Not about driving on the pass, NDOT had deiced the highway and roads were clear. But, looking at the side roads into recreation areas I could see some issues. The roads were snow covered and muddy under the snow. My van would not stand a chance in those conditions. I kept driving anyway.

I reached Lovell Canyon Road and we were elated to see it was clear and dry. It’s a small one lane blacktop road that drives straight into the back face of Mt. Charleston. Clear road, no crowds, and beautiful weather. We were excited. Another miracle was the wind had died down in the canyon too. I had brought my drone and there were several wind advisories in Vegas and it was really windy for most of the dive. I thought I wasn’t going to get any drone flights in. That wasn’t so. The first stop we made, a makeshift camp site, the wind was next to nothing. So, fly the drone I did!

We spent a couple of hours exploring Lovell Canyon before making our way to Pahrump. There we refueled the van and stocked up on some coffee drinks. Our next goal was to get some sunset shots. We drove Northwest toward Highway 95. I didn’t like the light conditions and I pushed on to road that leads to Crystal, Nevada. I had stopped here once on my way back from a shoot I had in Pahrump for work. I knew it would be an excellent spot for some sunset photos. It didn’t disappoint. The sky could have been a little better, but who cares, right?

I love spending days like that with Dana. It takes me back to the time I spent in South Dakota and North Dakota. Not knowing anyone I would run around on the back roads listening to music, drinking cheap coffee, and chasing sunsets. I always wished I had someone with me that would find the joy in those adventures. Well, here I am and I’ve found her!