Las Vegas street photography

Street Photography on Fremont Street | Las Vegas, Nevada

Living in Las Vegas, Fremont Street is my go to place for street photography. As an early morning riser I like to go down there before the crowds and get cleaner shots. Of course, I think going after dark would offer some great shots as well, but I just haven’t gone there at night, yet. Anyway, I like Vegas in the early mornings. Before moving here when I would visit I always enjoyed getting up early and going to the coffee shop and to sit, drink coffee, and people watch. The mornings in Vegas are always calm, but still have that Vegas energy. People up and about early in the morning are usually die hard gamers, retirees, or people watchers like myself. Doing street photography in the morning on Fremont Street is a lot like sipping coffee and watching from afar. The crowds are thin giving me a lot of buffer and open space to work with. I like clean shots with isolated subjects. Fremont Street in the early morning hours provides just that. These shots were taken during the National Finals Rodeo which would explain the cowboys.