Assetto Corsa Suzuka Circuit, Japan.

Suzuka Circuit in Japan | Assetto Corsa

Last night I watched the 2009 Japanese Grand Prix held on the Suzuka Circuit near the city of Suzuka just on the Ise Bay. Sebastian Vettel won, in what I think was his second grand prix win in his still young Formula One career. As I was watching it I kept telling myself that I need to get this track on Assetto Corsa. It reminded me of some of the great European Circuits like Imola, Spa, or Monza. It was located in a wooded setting with lot’s of swooping straights, high speed corners, and a couple of hairpins. It looked like a lot omf fun!

Me doing a couple of hot laps in Max Verstappen’s Red Bull. Not expecting a call from Red Bull anytime soon.

A Beautiful Circuit

I found the downloadable track with a quick Google search here on Assetto Corsa Club. It is a really well done mod. The graphics and textures are very realistic. I haven’t tried the AI out yet in a race, but will have to soon.

The track turned out to be a little more technical than I anticipated. I had a lot of problems the first few laps. I still haven’t mastered the track by any means, but after 10 or so laps I could finally keep at least two tires on the track at all times. It’s a very deceptively fast track. The track seems a lot faster than it is. Right when you get settled into a nice long swooping straight it throws a quick corner at you. No sleeping on this track!

Check out this beautiful circuit!

It reminds me a lot of Imola. Very fast track technical, but not overly technical. To me, a very technical course is a street circuit like Monaco or Baka. They have a lot of tight corners and not a lot of space to stretch your legs. I don’t fair to well on those courses. Although, this track from Monaco 1966 is one of my all time favorites.

The Suzuka track is a challenging but very fun course. I had to take a step back and slow myself down on this track. Once I started taking it a little easier the track became more forgiving. This track gives me a lot room to grow. Imola was one of the first Assetto Corsa tracks I took when I first started playing a few months go. I loved Imola and I’m going to love Suzuka because they are perfect tracks for a fun a rewarding experience.

I started out on this track in a F1 car. I quickly switched to my trusty go to car- a Ferrari 458 GT. This car isn’t over fast and handles very well. A good car to get to know a new track!