Feiy's artwork she created on her iPad.

A Poem by Feiya Marie Rowland

The endless thoughts of fighting, shouting still remain in my head

Mind filled with despair

Bits and pieces of ash crumble apart to the floor unknowingly, without care

Hands clenched into one, waiting for a remedy

Hot air closing in this tight capacity

When will this be over, will we ever see the Light?

Or shall we fall deep, spiraling into darkness within.


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Feiya's artwork

Feiya’s Drawings

What a proud dad I am! Feiya is really blossoming in her drawings. She’s had a new iPad since Christmas and it’s really helping her excel with her renderings. She has a dream of designing video games. I say she could do anything she wants. She’s that good in everything she does. I’m very fortunate.

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Summerlin sunset

February 2021 Update

Wow! What a year! Think back to February 2020. If we only knew then what we know now! What would we do different? It probably wouldn’t be much. If the world is going to burn, it’s going to burn. I’ve tried to stay pretty optimistic through the year. It’d be a lie if I told you that I wasn’t a little nervous from time to time. Well, maybe a little more than a little nervous. ๐Ÿ˜
I can honestly say it wasn’t a too bad of year for myself or Dana. It was Feiya that had to make the biggest adjustment. She’s been literally stuck in this house for almost a year. The thing that worries me most is that she likes it. It doesn’t look like she’s going back to school this year.

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Summerlin sunset.

More Summerlin Sunsets…

Feiya turned 13 years old this past week. We celebrated by letting her open some presents the morning of her b-day. That afternoon I took her to the optometrist and we paired her up to her first pair of glasses. I think every kid wears glasses these days. On the way home I bought her dinner at one her favorite restaurants, Cafe Zupas. They serve some damn good soup!

On Sunday we ordered out from one of our favorite sushi restaurants, Sushi Mon. I was skeptical, but the food was phenomenal. All they’re rolls are half off right now as well. It was a good few days.

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Kaizen Revolving Sushi

Feiya’s Birthday | Las Vegas, NV

Feiya’s birthday was 2 weeks ago. We celebrated by eating out at a new revolving sushi restaurant that opened near our house, Kaizen Revolving Sushi . It was great. The service was wonderful and the sushi was exceptional. Sushi is Feiya’s favorite meal, so it was a big hit with her. I should have posted this 2 weeks ago, but I’ve been slammed with work and side projects this month. Anyway, Feiya just turned 12. It’s amazing to think this is the last pre-teen year. She’s doing very well at school. I’m really proud of her. She’s coming along with learning to play her viola and I’m looking forward to her Spring Concert in April. She has all A’s and B’s in her classes. Her and I cook dinner together most Sundays. We listen to music, cook and have a lot of laughs. We’ve been in Vegas for 2 years now and have settled into our new life here. I’m still working the same job and so is Dana. We both have aspirations beyond our jobs, but are content for the time being. With all things, change happens. This year will be a a year of change. Just today, we …

Feiya’s Birthday | Las Vegas, NV