Utah Mountains and Pacifica, California

Here’s a post I made, just because I could. These photos don’t have much to do with each other other than that they were on the same roll of film. The first photo is somewhere in Utah shot from my moving car with my Canon SureShot. The other is Pacifica, California from an overlook heading into the city. The film used was Kodak PORTRA 35mm color.

Pacifica, California
Red Butte Reservoir, Utah

Red Butte Reservoir | Utah

Red Butte Reservoir is located just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. I visited Salt Lake City in 2012 and took a side trip to Red Butte Reservoir. I used my Canon A2 camera to capture these analog film photos. The film i used was Kodak PORTRA 35mm color. These are some of my favorite photos from this trip.

Pierre, South Dakota horse racing

Horse Racing | Pierre, South Dakota

Horse racing in Pierre, South Dakota is an interesting event. As usual the event had a mellow crowd and I was able to close to the action. I shot both digital and 35mm film. The horses ran great races and the jockeys provided some great color for my photos. I was very happy with the results of this event even though I didn’t win any money.