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Commercial real estate photography in Las Vegas.

Commercial Real Estate Photos in Las Vegas

Here’s another post about work. This year has been a busy year for work, thus far. Some years you work a little more than other years. This is one of those years that I’ve worked a bit more. We’ll see what’s over the next horizon.

It’s been a good year. I feel like I’m shooting better than I ever have. That’s a good feeling. I’m much more relaxed and confident on my shoots. So, it’s been a fun year. Work for the past 2 weeks has been busy and I was really liking that. However, next week looks little slower. I just have to keep my head down and moving forward.

The work on the condo is trudging along. Tomorrow I should be able put all the kitchen cabinets back together. We painted them white. It seems we just can’t find good help on the stuff we can’t do ourselves. Our HOA is about useless as they come. The guys that delivered our appliances screwed up royally and now our fridge won’t be here until the 28th. Today we bought all of our flooring from the most incompetent carpet salesman in Las Vegas. “Our lives are in your hands Gary. Please don’t screw this up.”

We’ll get past this. Tomorrow is a new day.

Anyway, work has been going well. I have no idea how what’s on the horizon. I’m still being optimistic. I know change is coming. The background music of my life right now is REO Speedwagon’s Riding the Storm Out” My favorite song in 6th grade, the same age Feiya is now. We’ll get through this, together.

Here’s some work I’m particularly proud of. I wish I could get more commercial jobs like this. This stuff is easy and it’s fun! Hopefully I’ll see a lot more of work like this in the future.

If you’re a commercial real estate professional please check out my the commercial real estate photography page on my business website- RCRdigital. I offer reasonable rates, quality work, and quick turnarounds. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. #vegasstrong

Las Vegas Real Estate Photographer.

Desert Twilight Photos | Las Vegas, NV

I love my job, even when I hate my job. Might not make sense, but it’s the truth. The truth doesn’t make sense in these times, anyway. Real estate photography is my job and it’s a good work when you can get it. I’ve been shooting houses in Las Vegas for two years now. I started shooting real estate 8 years ago in Silicon Valley. I’ve renewed my love for my job this past Winter.

The last few months I shot houses in California I felt like I do now. I was finally getting California real estate photography. After shooting there 5 years, I finally came to an understanding with the working mechanisms of shooting a house right and presentation. That’s the secret. Presentation.

I’m a fairly good photographer. I don’t mean to doubt my ability, I’m always learning. Some things I learn faster than others. Over the past two years I’ve broken down my workflow and rebuilt a stronger, more efficient workflow each time. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a captive audience to learn and experiment with. Las Vegas real estate isn’t San Francisco Bay Area real estate. Las Vegas real estate is so much better. Now that I get it.

No matter how much technical knowledge I acquire, it means nothing unless I see the Vegas market for what it is. Clean, minimal, fast. The Bay Area is so different. Nearly house is remodeled and professional staged before it hits the market. I used to think all that work mattered. It does, in California, not so much in Vegas. Real estate in Vegas is a whole different animal. It’s quick and nimble. Just like I have to be. I’m not a California photographer in Las Vegas anymore. I’m a Las Vegas photographer now.

That’s what I was doing wrong! Just over the past few months I finally figured out why I was in such a funk for the past two years. I was shooting Vegas the same way I shot homes in The Bay. There’s a way to shoot houses in San Mateo and there’s a way to shoot homes in Las Vegas.

Now that I figured that out, I’m loving job again. And that means I’m loving life again, because work is life. Which means when work is good then my personal life is exceptional. This house I shot in November and it’s right about that time I started opening my eyes. Vegas moves at a different speed than California and Vegas shoots differently as well. Anyhow, two months later, as promised, I was invited back to shoot the twilights.

It’s not every day that your work just bowls you over in a tossing wave of inspiration. I shot over 400 photos in just hour an hour in this house. I bracket my photos so that would translate into 80+ plus actual finished photos. So, that’s a lot of setting down my tripod and composing a shot. It was a rush. Only just under half were delivered to the real estate agent. Which is just fine.

This house is in the very Western edge of Summerlin, just south of Red Rocks. It backs up to the desert for incredible views. Like living next to a quiet ocean. Check out my refurbished website- RCRdigital.

E Desert Inn | Las Vegas

I’ve been in Las Vegas for 2 years. I love it more every day. It’s just such an interesting place to live. Sometimes I feel like I’m walking in a different time. I shot a condo in this complex this past week. The condo was a little gloomy, but look at that courtyard! Saying it’s seen better days is an understatement.

The building was built in 1963 and is located just a half block from the strip. I can just imagine rolling up in a Chevy Convertible and parking under the carport. The pool teaming with people drinking cocktails and smoking Pall Malls. Bebop music playing from one of the open doors of an apartment. I can almost taste the bourbon!

That’s why I like it so much here in Vegas. You can get transported back in time at any moment. I hadn’t done much “research” on this building before I arrived. But when I was led through that courtyard for the 1st time, wow! I told the assistant that met me there that I’d do the courtyard last. I wanted to take my time with it. Well, I took maybe 10 minutes and was able to get these shots. The pool area was actually closed off, so I shot the ground level shot through the fence. I really wish I could have gotten some tighter shots. For personal use only, of course.

I shpt these with the company camera, a Canon 5D Mark IV. Very nice camera. The lens I used is a the 16-35mm f/ 4L, the standard real estate photography lens. I processed these as single frame as I would any other personal photos. I actually used the -1 ev photo in the set of 5 photos I take to produce my HDR image. I wish I could edit like that all day. I’m growing weary of HDR. Anyway, days like that day (it was on a Monday) remind me that I really do love my job.