Bennett County Fair and Rodeo, Martin, South Dakota

Bennett County Fair and Rodeo | Martin, South Dakota

Bennett County Fair and Rodeo in Martin, South Dakota was another rodeo I attended and took photos of. The rodeo did not disappoint on action. There was a lot of roping, bronc busting, bull riding and barrel racing to be had. This was a good rodeo in the heart of South Dakota. For more info on this rodeo click here.

Indian Rodeo, Kyle South Dakota

Indian Rodeo | Kyle, South Dakota

The Indian Rodeo on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Kyle, South Dakota is a rodeo for Native Americans to showcase their cowboy and cowgirl skills. The rodeo took place on a remote part of the Pine Ridge Reservation, but was well organized and featured all the events that any rodeo would feature. There was barrel racing, roping, bareback bronc riding, and bull riding to name a few of the events. I was very honored to have a chance to see this rodeo first hand.

Irene Rodeo, South Dakota

Irene Rodeo | South Dakota

The Rodeo in Irene, South Dakota was not without challenges. When I was there photographing this event a major rain storm moved in and the rodeo was postponed for over an hour. After the storm clouds cleared the rodeo was back on. The arena was muddy, but the cowboys and cowgirls toughed it out in the mud and slop. Most of the photos here were shot before the storm.