Analog Photos | Wyoming

If I had to pick one of my all time favorite photos it would be the one of the guy on the Harley waving at me. I took this photo from my car driving down a two lane highway in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. I didn’t think he saw my camera, but when I saw he waved at me I knew I might of got a killer shot. I did. I shot all of these photos from car during the same road trip using my Canon SureShot point and shoot camera.

Wyoming- Canon SureShot
Wyoming- Canon SureShot
Wyoming- Canon SureShot
Wyoming, Canon SureShot


Wyoming offers so many photography opportunities making it one of my favorite places to shoot photos. These photos were taken with several film mediums. I used black and white film and color film on two different cameras- the Canon A2 and Canon SureShot. I remember this day well, it was one the most fun days in my life shooting photos.

Devils Tower, Wyoming color film photos

Devils Tower, Wyoming | Color Film Photos

Devils Tower in Wyoming is a perfect place to shoot 35mm film photos. Surrounded by warm grasses and fur trees, Devils Tower makes for some very warm and almost glowing film photos. Devils Tower is very sacred to Native Americans and is well preserved to this day. Shooting with Kodak PORTRA 35mm color film, my go to film, is like taking a step back in time.